me-14-e1534382930365.jpgEveryone needs an outlet. This is my way of helping those who may be afraid to voice their truth. I have been down a path that some may feel has been easy but it has been difficult for me. The smallest things have impacted me in the biggest ways. In order to heal, I must admit what causes fear and attack it with words, not feelings and actions.  There is a better woman within me, time to knock down the walls that may not be keeping me safe. Welcome to my journey…

At the age of 31, life changed from being rear-ended out of nowhere. Being stuck in my car for over an hour, with my upper torso twisted to the right, has caused nerve damage on the left side of my body, from head to toe. I now suffer from numbness and tingling throughout my entire body. There are days I cannot pick up items because my left hand is completely numb. There are days I wake up and I cannot feel my legs. There have been many days that I thought about giving up and committing suicide because of the pain.

I write all this to say, each of our journeys is unique. It is up to us to share what we go through because, at some point, it can help someone else. Telling my story is part of my healing. Being able to talk about what happened hasn’t always been easy. From being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, PTSD, and bipolar disorder since the accident, life as I once knew no longer exists. To have my world ripped apart, inability to enjoy old past times or even simple conversations took a toll on my mental health.

I had to accept that the people I love the most may never understand what my daily struggle is and that’s the most painful part. Friendships and relationships have suffered due to this accident but at some point, I had to work to regain control of my life. Intense physical therapy and mental health therapy have worked to a degree, but the rest is on me.

I appreciate you tuning in to my journey. I will be discussing a plethora of topics as I bring you into my new world.

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